About Us

Our urban habitat today is being fundamentally influenced by revolutions in biotechnology, computation and our exposure to the long-lasting effects of climate change. Bio-Integrated Design takes these revolutions as the foundation for developing novel and sophisticated design solutions to shape the future of our cities.

Taught jointly by The Bartlett School of Architecture and UCL’s Biochemical Engineering Department, Bio-integrated Design combines design experimentation with scientific methods, seeking new modes of simulation and production, and exploring how advances in the fields of synthetic biology, material science and digital fabrication is changing future design practices.

Two distinct Bio-Integrated Design programmes are available: an MArch degree and an MSc degree. Applicants should choose which to apply depending on their background and whether they seek to specialise in more exclusively design or more science-driven outputs.

Bio-Integrated Design is part of B-Pro, a group of five programmes at The Bartlett with a unique shared philosophy.

The programme is taught in UCL's cutting-edge facilities at Here East, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - a space renowned as a hotbed for technological innovation and home to some of the UK's leading performance and design companies. These world-class facilities provide an ideal space for the large-scale construction of installations, as well as for public events.


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For any further information please reach out to us at info@bio-idlab.com.